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Nawaz Sharif to show final proof to Obama that Dawood is not in Pakistan

23, Oct 2015 By chachachaudhary

Islamabad: Last time Pakistan was very embarrassed by the statements of Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar, it dismissed the matter as ‘Chaudhary must not have understood the language in which the question was asked’.

Nawaz Sharif showing proof that Dawood is not in Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif showing proof that Dawood is not in Pakistan

Our sources have revealed about Nawaaz Sharif’s recent preparations for his meeting with Obama in USA. This  time Pakistan is not taking any chances with Dawood’s matter and has collected solid and unquestionable proofs.

This time Nawaaz, instead of ‘Made in China’ gifts for Obama, is carrying proof of Dawood’s absence in Pakistan in 10 extra chartered planes  borrowed from China. Pakistan had been collecting these proofs since last year.

Undisclosed sources revealed to Faking News that the pictures of all layers of atmosphere in Pakistan  i.e. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Thermosphere, all the water bodies including rivers, wells, and also pictures of farmlands, mountains, deserts and whatever construction Pakistan has ,all have been captured inch by inch by China made HD cameras and Pakistan is quite confident that this is a visual proof that even the NASA scientist cannot deny that Dawood is not in Pakistan. This data only occupied 8 out of 10 chartered planes which are to accompany Sharif.

Pakistan summoned all its Government servants, ministers, army personnel, drivers, dhobis, cooks and peace loving terrorists  and  made them write ‘Dawood is not in Pakistan’ 10000 times.

Sources also revealed that Dawood was also among those who went through all this exercise of writing ‘Dawood is not in Pakistan’ 10000 times. All these copies have been also put on plane for America so that Obama can judge whether Dawood is in Paksitan or not.

Apart from this Pakistan has also prepared  fresh statements to be made this time which includes never before used phrases such as ‘Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of partition’, ‘Islamabad has always initiated a process of dialogue with New Delhi for the resolution of Kashmir’, ‘wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir was part of Pakistan’s national policy’ and ‘Pakistan was extremely concerned over the large-scale human rights violations in Kashmir and use of aggression, terror, and military might on peaceful protesters’.

Nawaz Sharif is also planning to make Obama understand the meaning of word ‘Sharif’ and show them that they consider only ‘Sharif’ people for premier positions be it Nawaaz or Raaheel. What else can be a greater proof of Pakistan’s innocence?

Pakistan has also decided to raise its voice against the inhuman atrocities committed and human rights violation on Pakistani army personnel by the residents in POK.