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Inspired by Nawaz Sharif's speech against terrorism, Ku Klux Klan set to criticize racism

22, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Arkansas: Inspired by Nawaz Sharif’s condemnation of terrorism in UN General Assembly, Ku Klux Klan has also decided to publicly criticize racism. Sharif’s speech has apparently shown the Klan members that just because you support something, doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it.

A speech that inspired every terrorist

Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization that was founded in 1866, has had a long history of racially motivated attacks. However, now they have decided to come out and criticize racism.

Speaking to the media before making his speech, a self proclaimed Klan leader said, “Yes we support racism, yes we have indulged in several racist attacks over the years, but why should that stop us from speaking out against racism in the world? Did you see the UN General Assembly yesterday; Pakistani PM spoke confidently against terrorism despite grooming terrorists, supporting terrorism? If he can do that with terrorism, why can’t we do it with racism? We will also tell the world that KKK is the biggest victim of racism.”

“In fact, we are in a better position to criticize racism than Pakistan with terrorism. We aren’t the global epicenter of racism, Pakistan is the global epicenter of terrorist activities and their PM still could look the world leaders in the eye and condemn terrorist activities. What an inspiring speech that was. Really motivated us to come out and talk about racism. We are even planning to ask the world to help us in our fight for an equal society. We are hopeful that our government will give us at least 10 Billion Dollars to fight racism. They give so much money to Pakistan to fight terrorism, we are their own countrymen so we expect even more”, the leader added.

As per reports, KKK members are also thinking about praising a racist person during their anti-racism speech, like Nawaz did with Burhan Wani, but are yet to finalize the person.