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Nawaz Sharif's UN address wins award for 2016's best work of fiction

24, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New York: Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif’s UNGA address today received an award for 2016’s best work of fiction from an international award distribution agency of high repute.

Nawaz Sharif waving to his fans after winning the award
Nawaz Sharif waving to his fans after winning the award

This award comes as a welcome change to the severe criticism of Sharif’s speech with many stating that all the claims made in it have no iota of truth. Earlier the award agency had used the phrase 2016’s best work of fiction ‘so far’ but after coming to know that there won’t be any more speeches by Sharif in the international domain, excluded the last two words.

This latest certification of UNESCO will be personally presented to Nawaz Sharif in a magnificent ceremony, provided he is allowed to travel by his army chief.

We spoke to the head jury member at the agency for more details, who said, “Well we are the people one contacts if he/she wishes to win to win the latest Filmfare award or the Nobel Peace prize. So having withstood a lot of criticism for the same, we decided to provide a fully genuine and authentic award. Hence when we saw Mr Sharif speech, we checked if it was on some movie channel or India TV, but no it was a piece of fiction being passed of as reality. We were impressed by the figment of imagination of whoever wrote it and Mr Sharif’s capability of delivering it with a completely straight face.”

“So unlike others rather than dismissing it as complete falsehood, we decided to recognize it as an exemplary work of fiction bordering fantasy. And not just that in retrospection we are also planning to award Sharif for all his previous UNGA speeches. I also hope that Mr Sharif publishes a novel containing all his speeches so that it can win this year’s Man’s Booker prize,” he added.

In other news Dan Brown and George RR Martin have called up on Nawaz Sharif to help write his future speeches.