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North Korea buys rights of MSG, Kim Jong-un’s face to be morphed to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan

24, Jan 2015 By burabandar

North Korea has taken notice of Gurmeet Ram Rahim and the state media is lavish in its praise for the many qualities, which the followers of maverick Indian godman Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan claim he possesses. The state run council of films promotion has bought the rights for the movie for an undisclosed amount.

North Koreans particularly liked this pose of Papa ji.
North Koreans particularly liked this pose of Papa ji.

The film to be titled “Hana Nuguui Mesinjeo Gananim” (One whose Messenger is God) will star the Supreme Leader of the country Kim Jong-un and be made a mandatory watch for all the citizens of this democratic republic. North Korea has also taken on lease some photoshop & video editing artists from Gumit Ram Rahim Singh’s studio who will morph the Supreme Leader’s face on to the Indian actor cum saint.

A spokesperson from Korea in a written reply wrote, “Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh is perhaps the only living being on the planet who comes close to matching the Supreme Leader in terms of possessing super human qualities whether in sports, intelligence or spirituality. After watching the film, we did realize, that advancement in technology will help us just translate the movie to Korean and morph Supreme Leader’s image as the content is pretty much the same as we want to use. All the goons will look like Americans as they represent the evil we want the world to be rid of.”

The Korean government has also launched an scheme where poor Koreans who watch the film will be provided with half a bowl of rice.

A spokesperson of Dera Sauda commented on development, “ We are extremely grateful to the North Koreans who have recognized the immense talent of Guru Ji. Kim Jong-un has personally invited Guru Ji to play Golf & go tank riding with him. This heralds a new age in India-Korea partnership.”