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Now Trump introduces an 'Exit ban' to stop Millions of Americans trying to escape his rule

29, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Washington DC: Just a couple of days after signing an executive order to close America’s borders to refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, Donald Trump has now signed an executive order to introduce an ‘Exit ban’. No American citizen will be allowed to leave the country unless approved by the President or Steve Bannon. Reportedly, this step has been taken to stop Millions of Americans looking to escape Donald Trump’s rule.

I have no clue what I am doing

As people come to terms with the fact that Trump isn’t going anywhere for the next 4 years, many have decided that the best way to survive Trump presidency is to stay away from USA for 4 years. With Millions planning to leave the country, Trump administration swung into action and introduced this ban to keep Americans within the country.

“It will be a huge embarrassment for the President if millions of citizens leave at the same time. The entire economy will come crashing down after the exit of majority of the population. That idiot Trudeau may take all of them in and it will show him as a great world leader and our President as an idiot. We simply can not allow this and that is why we have introduced this ban”, a White House official told Faking News.

The ban has been met with widespread outrage and worldwide condemnation. Many people who were already in the streets protesting against the immigration ban have quickly altered their posters to start protesting this exit ban.

Meanwhile, as a humanitarian gesture, Mexican drug lords have decided to disclose the location of cross-border tunnels to American residents looking for an escape.