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Obama mentions “India” in “Name, Place, Animal, Thing”

24, Sep 2010 By Guest Patrakar

Washington, DC. In another exciting development for India, President Obama has named India as a place in Name, Place, Animal, Thing.

“We picked the letter ‘I’ for the 5th time and after Iraq, Indonesia, Italy and Idaho falls, daddy wrote India as a place in the 5th turn,” said daughter Malia Obama after frantically being quizzed by Indian reporters trying to make a story every time the US president mentioned India.

“Yes, that’s right. We were playing Name, Place, Animal, Thing,” said younger daughter Sasha saying nothing that added any value to the situation, but thereby giving reporters another priceless quote to fill up valuable newsprint.

Obama thinking
File photo: President Obama (probably) thinks of India

“I didn’t do very good. I don’t know so many places,” she said, giving another paragraph or possibly a full-sized feature on the poor state of America’s education system.

For creating the headline, the reporters used their usual tactic – the loaded question. “India is a democracy with over one billion people,” Barack Obama said in response to the question, “India is a democracy with over how many billion people?”

The mundane quotes will also be spiced up by pointless analyses such as why India was only the second Asian place that came to Obama’s mind and whether the president really hates Indiana. It will also be discussed if Indonesia is more important than India in the developing world and what India can do to grow faster economically.

Michelle Obama meanwhile, in spite of desperate goading by reporters did not accept that the saari was her favorite outfit and refused to comment on whether daal tarka was better than chicken tandoori.

(written by Rohan D’Sa after being inspired by this insightful report)