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Obama to fight against Modi as an independent candidate from Varanasi to shed his anti-pakistan image

02, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Washington DC. Obama has finally decided to take action on the letter he received earlier from 65 MPs in India, asking him to not give visa to Narendra Modi.

In his attempt to extend an olive branch to the ever increasing secular breed of  leaders in India, and to shed his anti-Pakistan image in media and public eye, Obama has decided to fight Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate against BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

As per reports, Obama was watching Indian news channels to relax and have a good laugh after a long day at work when he stumbled upon the events around ex-JD(U) politician Sabir Ali who was shown the door by BJP in India.

Modi Obama
Obama has already been labeled Ambani agent and accused of cutting votes of other so called secular leaders in Varanasi.

It suddenly struck him that Sabir Ali was one of the names that had signed the letter asking him not to grant US Visa to Narendra Modi.

Immediately, he announced that he was taking sabbatical from the post of President of the USA and going to fight Indian elections. Apparently Obama already has an Aadhar card and thus he can prove that he is an Indian citizen on papers.

While BJP is claiming that it was a proof of Modi wave, experts believe that Obama could be doing this to appease Pakistani politicians rather than Indian politicians.

“There is a growing anger against US in Pakistan over use of drones. Politicians like Imran Khan are virtually supporting the terrorists over US. But US has not yet run out of drones and it wants to use them all, which is why Obama is trying out stuff that can help US continue with its drone-the-terrorists policy,” an expert told Faking News.

“Even Imran Khan is anti-Modi, and Modi recently issued anti-Pakistan statements” the expert pointed out.

Obama is hopeful that him fighting against Modi will appease Imran and other politicians in Pakistan.

Obama, however, rubbished such speculations.

“Just like a batsman is not considered all time great until he score in Perth, a politician is not complete until he has fought and won in Varanasi,” he tried to explain the logic behind this move.

Obama will be coming to India in few days and would start campaigning heavily. Obama is going to project himself as maternal uncle of people of Varanasi and his slogan would be “Har Har Obama, Ghar Ghar mein Mama” and “Bahut hua hungama, Ab ki baar Obama”.

The US prez has already started practicing on his patience levels, now that he will be interviewed about his views on secularism and development. His advisers have suggested him to do away with the Hanuman idol that he keeps because that could prove him communal.

As of now the only line he has perfected is, “We must stop communal forces from coming to power” courtesy his newly formed friend in India, Mulayam Singh Yadav.