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Olympic gold winner forced to forfeit his medal after he orders Hong Kong fried noodles instead of Chinese Noodles at a restaurant 

10, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Continuing with its rigid stance of coming down heavily on those who support Hong Kong, the Chinese administration has expressed displeasure over Olympic gold winner’s social media post.


Whosane Jolt, who won gold medals in multiple events, was forced to forfeit his medals after it was found that he was in violation of unwritten rules set by China.

Whosane shared an image of him enjoying food at a local restaurant on Instagram. However the seemingly innocuous image quickly snowballed into a controversy after the sprinter revealed that he was having Hong Kong fried noodles.

Apparently, Chinese authorities were not happy with a gold medalist having food that had ‘Hong Kong’ in its name. Sources say that say the authorities were of the opinion that Chinese Noodles are widely available across the world and the sprinters act was a deliberate attempt to rile China.

“We strongly condemn Jolt’s act which seems like a veiled support to the demonstrators. Chinese noodles are available at every restaurant. Then why this preference for Hong Kong. We have asked the Olympic federation to confiscate the gold medals or we will not allow any more Olympic events,” said a representative of People’s Republic of China.

This is not the first time that attempts to stifle support for Hong Kong are being reported. Previously an NBA player had to delete his tweet supporting demonstrators after China raised strong objection.

Sources say that Xi Jinping’s visit to Chennai will also see the words ‘Hong Kong’ removed from all restaurant menus.

Though the sprinter deleted the images later and issued an apology too but that is unlikely to have any effect on Chinese authorities.