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Osama Bin Laden releases his long awaited book of poetry

26, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Tora Bora, Afghanistan. After releasing an audiotape addressed to the US President Barack Obama, world famous terrorist Osama Bin Laden has now released a book of poetry, but surprisingly, he has dedicated it to his first wife Najwa Ghanem, even though speculators favored former US President Geroge W. Bush to be the recipient. The book, expected to be a runaway success, had been rumored to be released for over two years now.

The book is titled “Ba Adab Al Adab” (BAAA) and contains 501 poems written by Osama in the last 21 years. Most of the poems are in Arabic, though there are a few in Pashto, Persian, Urdu, and even in English, which were apparently written in the recent years. The book has been published and is being distributed by a Pakistan based printing company Jashn-e-Jahiliyat, which has promised to donate a part of its earning to Al Qaeda for the promotion of poetic ideas of Osama Bin Laden.

Osama is believed to be reciting some poem in this image
Osama is believed to be reciting some poem in this image

BAAA was launched earlier today and critics and book reviewers were surprised to see a complimentary copy reaching their homes and offices today morning. The book has received mixed reviews from the first reviewers.

“He is surely a prolific writer, as we are informed that these five hundred odd poems are among his select ones. His imagination is vivid and he has repeatedly used metaphors like sand, caves, dusk, palm trees, mountains, and bush.” noted New York Times that called the book an interesting read.

Surprisingly, most of the poems in the book deal with issues like love, weddings, fashion, nature, animals and even issues like global warming. Strategic experts in the White House believe that Osama has knowingly kept his jehadi poems out of the book to change his public image, as Al Qaida is known to be good at PR exercises. But they point out a poem written in the memory of Saddam Hussain, which allegedly betrays his real self.

The bloody Americans, they all hated you They couldn’t find me, so they hanged you But you are a martyr, all virgins love you My dearest Saddam, peace be upon you

“These lines prove beyond doubt that Saddam Hussain had direct links with Osama and Al Qaida. This should silence the critics who thought that Iraq War was not needed.” FBI Director Robert Mueller said, adding, “This book of poetry will help us in War on Terror. We have hired experts to go through the book and perform psychoanalysis of Osama, so that we can capture him.”

Meanwhile Indian government has issued fresh terror alerts to various states and intelligence agencies after the news about the book release became public.