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Pak army chief unhappy with Sharif's speech, says ‘why didn't you get emotional like Modi’

01, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: Pak PM Nawaz Sharifs speech at UN General Assembly may have struck the right chord with respect to Kashmir issue but it hardly managed to impress the decision makers in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif practicing his 'angry young man' look after being criticized for lacking emotions
Nawaz Sharif practicing his ‘angry young man’ look after being criticized for lacking emotions

Apparently, Pak Army chief Raheel Sharif called up the Pak premier and blasted him for addressing the assembly with a speech that was low on emotional quotient.

Faking News reporter spoke to a source in Pak army, who agreed to speak on conditions of anonymity. He said, “Major Raheel was livid after watching the speech. In spite of having specifically asked the PM to say how his mother had to make ends meet when he was a kid, Mr. Nawaz Sharif did not mention anything about his humble beginnings. The army chief also asked our PM to learn something from freedom fighters like Hafiz Saeed to get a hang of how to speeches are made.”

As soon as Mr. Sharif ended his speech, comparisons were drawn between him and PM Modi.

Pak media was scathing in its review. “Hamare wazir-e-azam ke chehre par koi emotion hi nahi. Look at our neighboring PM, how well timed his emotions were. He manages to bring out chaiwalla in every speech. Why can’t our PM do that?” questioned Arnabuddin-Gul-Sami, a fiery news anchor of GeoTV.

Ex-Pak cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, while addressing a rally said, “Do you call that a speech? I mean how boring. The least our PM could have done was carry a bottle of glycerine. He is unfit to be a politician. I challenge him once again. Face my bowling or give up the post of Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, there was momentary chaos in the Pak contingent after papers related to Nawaz Sharif’s speech went missing from his hotel room. “Yes the papers were misplaced and it was imperative to find them somehow as we plan to use the same speech for the next UN General Assembly too,” said a source from Pak MEA.