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Pak-China Think Tank RANDI becomes Branding Agency, suggests similar names

21, Apr 2015 By The Reviewer

Hainan, China. Recently launched China-Pak joint think tank named Research and Development International (RANDI) has decided to pivot from being a think tank on geo politics to naming & branding.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Senator Mushahid Hussain (Chief, RANDI) said, “We wanted to have an instant impact with our name. We wanted to be truthful and emphasize on the symbiotic relationship Pak and China share. For example China provides us with financial security and in return we fulfill their basic carnal desire of companionship in such difficult international climate where no one likes China.”

Joining hands to create a different world

Madame Zhao Baige, the other Co-Chairperson of RANDI too expressed happiness that they got the perfect name.

“We were surprised with the appreciation we have received for our naming skills in the subcontinent. We trended on Twitter for two days. We have received request from all over the world to help them name their businesses. Hence we are pivoting to naming and branding agency seeing the sudden demand for our legendary naming skills,” she revealed.

Sources confirm that various government agencies around the world have asked RANDI to suggest change of name. RANDI has obliged its customer by providing its services for a very low cost too.

Our sources reveal that RANDI has suggested these changes in names of some of the organizations that approached it:

ISI: Secret Hybrid Intelligence & Tracking or SHIT

SAARC: Federation of Uber Demented Developing Unions or FUDDU

NATO: Happily Always Ready for Any Military Intervention or HARAMI

Zhao Baige also said they will help Pak and China launch other institutes and think tanks and have names ready.

“China Humanitarian University or CHU”, “Trans Asia Technical Training Institute or TATTI”, “Pakistan Aero Aviation Department or PAAD”, “Geo Operational & Technical Education or GOTE” are some of the upcoming brands that will be named by RANDI.

Meanwhile, sex workers in India have objected to existence of this group and have moved court to ban the word “RANDI” in India from slang usage.

All India Sex Workers association President Sheela Munni said, “Our profession serves a purpose, sociologists have proved that without sex workers, crimes against women will increase. We deserve and demand respect.”

“We always objected to this slang but after China Pak renamed their think tank RANDI, we will move mountains to ban this word from usage because it is more insulting now, we cannot associate ourselves with anything Pak related,” she added.