Pak diplomat who stole Kuwaiti counterpart's wallet said that he was just collecting funds to get Pakistan out of financial crisis 

01, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

Imran Khan’s call for austerity and efforts to improve Pak’s economy  has got diplomats of the country going out of the way and thinking out of the box to raise money.


According to a diplomat, the video showing him allegedly stealing a Kuwaiti diplomats wallet has been misconstrued and the fact is that he was just collecting funds to improve the country’s economy.

Zaraar Haider Khan, the aforementioned diplomat, was arrested after CCTV footage revealed his wrongdoing. But he refused the take any blame and said he was following Wazir-e-Azam Imran Khan’s call to do everything possible to get the country out of it’s current financial crisis.

Last week Imran himself auctioned former PM Nawaz Sharif’s buffaloes and is planning on further auction to raise funds. But his office clearly denied any involvement in the latest incident and has instead asked for criminal proceedings against Zaraar Khan.

“It is not yet known if this is the first incident or if the diplomat has been involved in other instance of stealing. Our  investigation is on,” said an official from Ministry of External Affairs.

Post this embarrassing incident, Imran Khan called a meeting of all top foreign diplomats and asked them to control any urge to steal as it may show the country in poor light. He also discussed with party members ways and means to raise funds.

“The ideas put forth by members were very good. One of the idea that caught the PM’s attention was to auction our cricket team and get whatever money we can. Our Govt is seriously considering this, but given their performance in Asia Cup, I doubt if it would fetch a good price,” said Shoaib Akram, a party member.