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Pak media wants to know why more Pakistanis don’t become CEOs of global organizations

12, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: A prime time debate on Pakistan’s leading news channel has spawned a massive debate as to why more Pakistanis are not able to become CEOs of global organizations.

Why no Sundar Pichai from Pakistan?
Why no Sundar Pichai from Pakistan?

Apparently, Pak media is seeking answers, after India-born Sundar Pichai was elevated to the role of CEO of tech giant Google. As more and more Indians are scripting success stories, Pakistan has gone into introspection mode on its inability to produce globally successful managers.

News Anchor Arnabuddin-Gul-Sami, also known as Pakistan’s Arnab Goswami, hosted a debate centered around this issue on his show ‘Awaam ki Awaaz’.

Awaam jaan na chahti hai ki kyu padosi mulk se itne jyada CEO ban rahe hai. Hamare mulk se koi Sundar Pichai kyu nahi ban raha?” he screamed into the microphone.

Most panelists on the debate reasoned that it was a case of misplaced priorities; JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed had a different point of view. He said, “Who says Pakistanis are not at the top. ISIS is a world class terrorist organization and many of our citizens are doing well for themselves at every level of the hierarchy. They get perks that even companies like Google cannot offer its employees. Can Google promise 72 virgins, tell me?”

Imran Khan blamed Pakistan’s leadership for failing to provide opportunities to its citizens. “Nawaz Miyan is busy holidaying for most part of the year. What has he done for Pakistan? Our youth needs motivation. I will motivate them. I promise to give you ‘Aur bhi Naya Pakistan’ and for this I am prepared to sit on a dharna,” he said from his 5-star hotel room in UK.

Meanwhile, Pervez Musharraf had a bizarre explanation. He said, “Sundar Pichai is actually a Pakistani. Many Pakistanis fake their identity abroad and call themselves Indians. The newly elected Google CEO is one of them.”