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Pak used 100 USD to print a fake 500 rupee Indian note: Musharraf

14, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Islamabad, Pakistan. Former Pakistani President Parvez Musharraf has made a shocking revelation that Pakistan had been using the aid money received from US in several anti-India activities. But even more shocking was the allegation that Pakistani establishment used the aid money in an absolutely incompetent way, so much so that they spent around 100 US Dollars (around 5000 Indian rupees) to print one fake 500 rupee India note.

“I brought in the money, they kicked me out!”
“I brought in the money, they kicked me out!”

Musharraf made these allegations while talking to private news channel of Pakistan. These allegations have upset most Pakistanis who thought that only Indians were incompetent in carrying out such sabotage activities, a fact that was brought to light by Faking News last month when we reported about Indian terror camps in Balochistan being messed up in corruption.

“This sucks man. We thought we were ahead of India after we won the T-20 world cup and when we read that report about India’s sucking terror camps in Baluchistan. But what the hell is this? We used up 100 dollars to make a fake 500 Indian rupee note? And that too at a time when our country was on the verge of being bankrupt! This makes no sense. Even if we account for 10% commission by Zardari, how can the cost of printing go to 100 dollars!?” Mobeen, a resident of Islamabad wondered.

Nobody from the Pakistani government has yet responded to the latest revelations by Musharraf, but analysts believe that the government will dissociate itself from Musharraf’s statements. In fact they may even refute the claims. But India has already responded to the statements and has asked US to stop supplying aid money to Pakistan. India’s external ministers are all set to fly to US in economy classes (thanks to the latest austerity drive by the finance ministry) with copies of news reports on Musharraf’s latest claims.

The revelations and allegations by the former Pakistani president can also start an economic debate in the international circles over economic worth and value of the fake Indian currencies. A bizarre situation would arise if the Pakistani government officially admitted to using the aid money to produce fake Indian currencies and declared the fake Indian currencies as part of their exports to India.

“Basic economic principles would suggest that each fake 500 Indian rupee is worth at least 100 US dollars, even if Pakistan declares it as a charity work and doesn’t add any profit margin over their final product. It indeed would be interesting to see how India would deal with the situation, as it could make their currency appreciate. This would mean India’s exports would be hurt while Pakistan’s exports would get a boost. I’m not sure if India will settle for that.” noted economist Asatya Sen said.