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Pakistan abolishes traffic rules in Karachi to reassure Dawood about his safety

09, Jul 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Karachi, Pakistan. Newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif has abolished all traffic rules in Karachi till further orders. As per sources, this decision was taken after state guest; Dawood Ibrahim expressed concerns about his safety.

As per sources, Mr. Dawood Ibrahim was very concerned about his safety after going through Abbottabad commission report on Osama Bin Laden’s death. In the report it is mentioned that Osama was nearly caught in 2002 when a traffic policeman stopped him.  Even though the matter was settled by Osama’s bodyguard and he wasn’t caught, Dawood doesn’t want to take the same risk.

Dawood Ibrahim
Pakistan is keen on not straining the bilateral relationship between Dawood and itself

A special request was sent from Dawood’s hideout to Islamabad which was approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. There won’t be any traffic cops in the city and people are free to drive the way they deem fit.

Speaking to Faking News, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim said, “Bhai has sealed deals with Army, ISI and even local policemen, but we never bothered about the traffic policemen. Who cares about them anyway? But this report has opened our eyes to the dangers they pose so we requested Mr. Sharif and he obliged us.”

“We couldn’t have sealed deals with all traffic policemen as well, that’s a bit too low,” the aide added.

We approached a Pakistani government official to ask whether they are worried about India’s reaction to this enhanced co-operation between Pakistan and Dawood. He said, “See, this is an internal matter of Pakistan and doesn’t concern India at all. Our hospitality industry has suffered greatly since Osama’s death and we need to provide a safe environment to our remaining guests. If absence of traffic rules makes them feel secure, then so be it.”

When we asked what they will do if India reacts strongly to this, he added, “Oye yaar, what strong reaction? These days, we can even estimate the dimensions of the next dossier which will come from that side. We have a packaged deal with the local kabaadi, the next dossier will be sent directly to him.”