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Pakistan Army's strength less than the employees sitting on bench of Indian IT companies: Report

27, Sep 2016 By sameer mahawar

Islamabad/Karachi: If numbers are to be believed, a report by an independent manpower agency could just give sleepless nights to the people in higher echelons of Pak army.

Benchpress Manpower Consulting, which regularly tracks data related to hiring in IT companies in India, in its latest report revealed figures on the number of employees who are on bench in various tech companies.

A pensive Nawaz Sharif after reading the report
A pensive Nawaz Sharif after reading the report

Interestingly, as per the report the ‘bench strength’ of top 5 IT companies in India surpasses the strength of Pak army.

In addition to this, a statistical data released by an Economic Agency has added more disgrace to the basket of shame of Pakis by reporting that the number of Engineers sitting on benches of Indian IT companies is much more than the official number of Soldiers in Pakistan’s Armed units combined with unofficial soldiers (also known as Suicide Bombers) of various banned terrorists outfits.

Sources from Pak media say that these revelations have caused considerable concern (read heartburn) to top Army officials.

“We had heard about the bench strength of Indian IT companies, but these numbers are unprecedented. We can no longer rely on non-state actors. Our strategy will have to be relooked at,” said a senior official from Pak army on condition of anonymity.

“China too is behaving like a typical wife and giving us the silent treatment on our request for help in the event of a war. But the clear and present danger are these employees. It’s not good for the morale of the army. Maybe Gen. Raheel Shareef should write a speech for Wazir-e-Azam that will be addressed to the army,” he added.

Our reporter visited the Bengaluru campus of one such IT major and spoke to the HR head to find out if these numbers were indeed true.

“We always have reserve forces ready as bench strength to meet the requirement of future projects. But nobody knew it could be used against the evil plans of the enemy whose morale got down after seeing that the youth in India, unlike in their country, love playing Assassins Creed and don’t become Assassin by themselves,” he said, while editing Decorations.ppt which was to be shared with the HR staff for the upcoming Navratri festival.