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Pakistan arrests Indian parrot on charges of spying and sabotage

07, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Karachi, Pakistan. As a further concrete and clinching proof of Indian involvement in terrorist and illegal activities in Pakistan, Pakistani officials have arrested an Indian parrot on charges of spying and sabotage. The parrot, who has been living in Pakistan for almost three years now, was reportedly repeating some top secret code words of Pakistani army when the alert officials apprehended him. Pakistani officials claim that the parrot was trained by Indian intelligence group RAW and was a long time spy.

“This spy parrot has been living under the name of Mitthu Miyaan in Pakistan, but his real name is Sugga Shukla and his home is the Indian city of Kolkata. He was trying to pass on critical information related to our armed forces to his Indian bosses back in Delhi. I guess they were planning to attack our headquarters.” Pakistani general and the Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani told media persons, while warning India against sending more spies into Pakistan.

Indian parrot easily destroying a Pakistani pen that was imported from China
Indian parrot easily destroying a Pakistani pen that was imported from China

Kayani also informed that the same parrot has been working as a mimicry artist in the Indian embassy in London three years back and had a dubious record of remembering secret words and repeating them. Kayani parried the questions when he was asked to explain how the arrested parrot learned the secret code words of Pakistani Army e.g. whether birds and animals allowed access to the secret and strategic army meetings of the Army or whether the government and army officials were reckless or corrupt to leak the information to a parrot.

Meanwhile a bird seller of Faridkot in Multan province has claimed that the arrested parrot was his favorite pet, and was forcibly taken away by the Pakistani forces who didn’t even pay him the price for the parrot.

“The army is talking bullshit! Mitthu is mine and I had trained him to repeat some words from my son’s textbooks. I don’t know what is this crap about top secret codes. Whatever Mitthu says are a part of those books that each Pakistani kid reads. Whatever are the reasons, but I should at least have been paid the price of Mitthu that would have given me at least 700 rupees.” Azmal Gulab, the bird seller told Geo TV, a leading Pakistani news channel.

Pakistani officials refused to comment on this aspect but they told that they would meet Azmal Gulab and clear his misconceptions forever. They also informed that the arrested parrot would be paraded before the visiting CIA and FBI officials, and the international community would be asked to put pressure on India to close its terror camps against Pakistan.