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Pakistan cancels next three NSA level talks with India which are not even scheduled

27, Aug 2015 By MRP

Islamabad, Pakistan: A proactive Pakistan has cancelled the next three NSA level talks with India.  After taking due permission from ISI to make the announcement, Pakistan’s NSA Mr. Sartaj Aziz himself announced this today in a press conference.

Mr. Aziz flummoxed by a scribe’s question during the press conference.
Mr. Aziz flummoxed by a scribe’s question during the press conference.

As usual with any media interaction on subject involving India, the press conference was crowded, with Mr. Aziz himself being the lone government representative, a dozen or so from the ISI and rest being representatives from all the 48 registered terrorist organizations and guerrilla armies, altogether making a bunch of about sixty people. Of course, there were three people from the media too.

The initial announcement was of cancellation of the next two NSA level talks with India, but the ISI representative in the meeting asked Mr. Aziz midway, to change it to three and hence the cancellation of next three meets.

One of the three journalists present, who had never seen India and therefore very much wanted to travel to India to cover any NSA level talks, was disappointed. He asked, “Sir, the talks haven’t even been scheduled. So why are you cancelling them? What is the reason?”

A beaming Mr. Aziz explained, “Good question. We are a proactive government.” When some others on his side of the table cast glances at him, he continued, “I mean we are a proactive country. Unlike India,” and then, referring to a piece of paper in his hand, said, “We actually do not want to cancel the talks. We want peace with India, but on our conditions. If Indians allow me to take this whole contingent with me for the talks, we will not cancel the next NSA meet. If they allow these friends of mine to carry arms with them, we will definitely have the second one too.”

“What about the third?” asked one inquisitive journalist. As cancellation of the third meet was added to the agenda later on, Mr. Aziz was not prepared to answer this question. He looked at the ISI chief seated next to him, who whispered something in Mr. Aziz’s ears and then he replied, “If the uncooperative Indians do not allow our peace loving patriots to stage terrorist attacks on their soil, we will cancel the third meet. The decision is left to the India. The ball is in their court.”

The press conference then ended with Mr. Aziz getting thrown out by the others. Mr. Aziz exited, himself happy that the mission was accomplished, that of keeping the rest of the establishment happy.