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Pakistan again clarifies that there are no terror hideouts in Pakistan, says all terrorists are living freely in the open

14, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: Few days after Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lt. General Asim Bajwa clarified in an interview that there are no more terror hideouts in the country, Pakistan has once again reiterated it and said that no terrorist is hiding inside their boundaries. A statement by the Nawaz Sharif government has said that no terrorist is hiding in Pakistan and all of them are living freely right in the open.

Nawaz Sharif
“Ek terrorist ko hide nahin karna padta hamare yahan”

India had recently claimed that they had targeted terror launch pads inside Pakistan Controlled Kashmir (POK) and has also said that there are several terror hideouts inside Pakistan controlled territory where terrorists are safely hidden.

“This is just propaganda by Indian Government that terrorists are living in hideouts in our country. The truth is that all of them are living in very nice houses and right in the open. This rumor has been spread by India to harm our terrorism tourism industry. They think they can turn the terrorists away from Pakistan by saying that terrorists have to hide in Pakistan. This is totally false and all the terrorists are living peacefully inside Pakistan, and are free to roam wherever they please”, a government spokesman said.

“Hafiz Saeed saab openly holds rallies, Masood Azhar saab writes columns advising Pakistani government to increase terrorism against India, who is hiding bhai? There is not a single terrorist hiding in our country. This is not India from where people like Dawood have to run away and then take refuge in Pakistan. We will raise this issue of Indian lies in the UN as well”, he went on to add.

The spokesperson also dismissed rumors of any rift between the civilian government and the Army. “There is absolutely no rift between our government and the Army. Nawaz saab is still taking orders from General Raheel Sharif as he used to.”