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Pakistan denies cricket world cup defeats, says videos doctored

24, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

The Indian Army on Tuesday released some video footages of “punitive fire assaults” on Islamabad’s posts in the Noushera sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Soon after the footage released Pakistan Army spokesperson denied the assaults. 

Pakistan Army spokesperson at a press conference
Pakistan Army spokesperson at a press conference

The official Pakistan Army account tweeted: “Indian claims of destroying Pakistani post along LOC in Naushera Sec and firing by Pak Army on civilians across LOC are false.” 

Reportedly, the tweet was copy-paste of what he tweeted after surgical strikes too, and hence twitter popped up a message saying “Whoop! You already said that”, after which he made a few changes to the same.

Soon after this tweet, Indians started trolling the Pakistan Army and shared various videos that show India beating Pakistan.

One such widely circulated video shows Sachin Tendulkar smashing Rawalpindi express, Shoaib Akhtar. This video caught Pakistan’s cricket board (PCB) attention and PCB’s reaction shocked everyone. PCB replied “India has never beaten Pakistan, they are all doctored videos”. 

India and Pakistan have encountered each other ten times in world cups and it’s not very surprising that India has beaten Pakistan in all ten of them.

Sources say Pakistan has knocked the door of International Court of Justice for the non-stop assault, but now Pakistan is denying. Reportedly, Pakistan has refused to play against India in upcoming championship trophy citing safety issue. ICC has declared it irony. 

India has quashed Pakistan’s claim of videos being doctored. BCCI has replied to PCB saying “Pakistan shouldn’t talk about Photoshop, their Ahmed Shehzad, a fake Photoshop of Virat Kohli is best example”. 

Pakistan Cricket Board chairperson, Mr. Shahryar Khan, in a press conference said, “India has started a new trend of spreading rumors that they have beaten Pakistan. Infact Pakistan and India never encountered in world cups, and all the footages they are showing are doctored.” Media cheered PCB’s statement and demanded ICJ intervention on the same. 

Upon seeing some footages of Sachin, Sehwag, Kohli and Dhoni, ICJ said that the shots played by these players against Pakistan bowlers look unreal. Sachin’s straight drive, Sehwag’s hook, Kohli’s cover drive and Dhoni’s helicopter shot are out of the world. 

Pakistan Army is very confused after the incident as on the one hand they are saying it’s false and on the other hand they’re saying we will give India a befitting reply. ICJ has yet to give a final verdict on this, but seeing Pakistan’s performance in every front, India’s victory is now just a formality.