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Pakistan extremely fast tracks 26/11 case : Hafiz Saeed jailed and also released for good behaviour

14, Dec 2015 By MRP

Islamabad: Pakistan has kept it word to India and to the international community. As promised during the talks between the India and Pakistan of two days ago, Pakistan indeed fast tracked the trial in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case.

Hafiz Saeed enjoying a chat with supporters after his release
Hafiz Saeed enjoying a chat with supporters after his release

It was so fast that they not only jailed the accused Hafiz Saeed within two days but also observed him and released him for his good conduct.

Hafiz was charged, tried, convicted and jailed in the wee hours today. It was very swift action indeed. The speed in the case continued to be displayed, with Hafiz getting released later in the day for his good and humane behaviour.

The statement from the jury read, “During the entire four long hours that Hafeez was in jail, he has displayed the most humane nature possible. He has only eaten and slept during this time and has not indulged in any activity that can be remotely termed as illegal, immoral or improper. In recognition of this exemplary behaviour, this jury is directing the government to release Mr. Saeed from jail with immediate effect and drop all charges and cases against him, current and future ones.”

Earlier, the same jury had said, “There might have been an error in judgement on the part of Mr. Saeed, or someone who resembled him. We do not want to take chances or leave doubt in the minds of the complainants. So we are declaring him guilty with a heavy heart. Whether to award any punishment and the quantum of punishment if awarded will be announced shortly.”

There was jubilation all around as Hafiz walked out of jail free of all charges. The jail surroundings were decorated even before Hafiz was taken to jail.

People thought it was for the sake some politician’s visit but were ecstatic when the events unfolded. Indeed politicians and even the military were there, but only to welcome Hafiz home.

The Pakistani government released a statement later in the day saying, “Mr. Hafiz Saeed is an honourable citizen of watan. He can’t create fear even in a child. How could he be a terrorist? However, there were charges against him. We explained it to one of our neighbouring countries, but they would not listen. The international community charged him, much to the delight of our neighbours. So, we said, even if there is an allegation against Mr. Saeed, we will try him for it. Because we have zero tolerance for terrorism. Because we take international perception seriously. Now the truth is out and our adversaries have been proved wrong.”

Before being taken in a fully decked vehicle that was waiting for him, Hafiz mounted a hurriedly erected podium and declared, “I thank God for being released. I have suffered for no fault of mine, no crime of mine. Now that I am free, I will continue my work, service to the nation and humanity.”

There are now reports that the Pakistani government has decided to include Mr. Saeed, the exemplary human being, in school text books, as a mark of respect for his achievements and patriotism.