Pakistan to formally protest in UN for Trump calling Iran a bigger supporter of terror than Pakistan

24, Sep 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: Pakistan has momentarily taken its focus away from Jammu & Kashmir and India, and trained their guns on USA and President Donald Trump. Pakistan has officially filed a protest against the American President after he called Iran the Number 1 supporter of terrorism in the world.

Immediately after Trump’s statement, Pakistanis took to the streets of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and started burning the American flags they had bought during their visa interviews at US embassy. The government immediately took note of the hurt public sentiments and filed a protest in the United Nations.
Speaking to Faking News, Pakistan’s bakchodi minister Ch Fawad Hussain said, “This was a slap across the face of Pakistan by Donald Trump and we will not take it lying down. Osama stays as our royal guest, Hafiz Saeed has more powers than our Prime Minister, Masood Azhar gets better treatment than General Bajwa, Dawood Ibrahim makes our economic policies instead of our Finance Minister and still we are not good enough to be Number 1?”
“After our decline in Hockey and Cricket, Terrorism was the only sport where we were acknowledged as the number 1 players and now this Trump wants to take even that away from us? What has Iran got, some Houthis and Hezbollah? We have like a 100 terrorist groups within our borders and they are getting trained by our best officers, as acknowledged by our Prime Minister yesterday. Where are we lacking?” an irate minister asked.
Meanwhile, United Nations has filed this latest Pakistan protest in the file that has to be shredded and thrown into the garbage at the end of the day.