Pakistan Government takes control over Jaish-E-Mohammad head quarters only for maintenance purpose

26, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

The Pakistan police have reportedly taken over Pakistan based terror outfit Jaish-E-Mohammed’s Headquarters. This news made rounds in both the Indian and Pakistani media, although the Pakistan government has categorically denied such claims. Pakistani authorities clarified that the takeover is strictly for maintenance purposes.


Reporting from ground zero, our correspondent Atul Wakri said, “It is true that Pakistan is under immense pressure after the Pulwama terror attack. The pressure of protecting Jaish-E-Mohammed. They know that India may strike their bases anytime so the Pakistani government has decided to move away important artilleries and guns from Jaish’s base camp to a more secure location. They are also oiling up some of the Jaish’s machinery in case they need to retaliate.”

Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat didn’t spare this moment to take a sarcastic dig at Pakistan. He said “Pakistan shouldn’t focus on maintaining Jaish’s base and its machinery since Indian Army will anyway destroy each one of them. Instead, Pakistan should focus on practising writing surrender paper in case India decides to break a war.”

Let’s see if Pakistan takes Bipin Rawat’s advice seriously or not.