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Pakistan makes fake profile on Facebook to send friend request to USA

13, Dec 2011 By Mouthful

Islamabad, Pakistan. If the reports are to be believed, Pakistan Foreign Affairs Ministry has sent a ‘friend request’ to United States using a fake Facebook account.

The relationship between Pakistan and United States has been on the downhill ever since NATO forces killed Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan asked US to vacate its military base in the region and US lawmakers froze a $700 million aid to Pakistan as relationship grew from bad to worse.

Sources in Pakistan blurted to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, that such a carefully thought step would help Pakistan play ‘both ways’. On one side, people would feel that USA and Pakistan are no more friends on Facebook, while at the same time Pakistan could still ‘like’ photos and status updates of the USA if the friend request is accepted.

Hina Rabbani Khar
A fake profile of Hina Rabbani Khar, aimed at stalking India’s activities, was already added by SM Krishna, Indian Foreign Minister.

President Asif Ali Zardari, still using Orkut, took some time to know the features of Facebook but once learnt, said “Oh good! Let’s stalk India.”

The President’s wish was immediately granted as SM Krishna accepted a friend request by another fake profile by Pakistan, which had the display picture of Hina Rabbani Khar, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

“With USA, we have to be more meticulous as they are not so easily excited by good looking display pictures,” a source told Faking News, “We have to first add some mutual friends in the friend list to convince US of its genuine status. We are targeting Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco and the like, who are famous for accepting anybody’s friend requests.”

Pakistan if hopeful that its new tactic could even help it in viewing USA’ photos with other nations, which was not allowed earlier owing to Pakistan’s bad reputation of Unrealistic Eve Teaser. But sources say that it would refrain from commenting on USA’s profile, as the bad grammar and spellings could alert the US security agencies.

It is yet to be decided what name would such a fake profile bear. ‘Selknamistan’ could be chosen if there is no such username on Facebook. Also, whether ‘Pakistan’ would be the friend of this fake-nation is yet to be decided.

However it seems that the civilian government of Pakistan could again face opposition from the Army and the ISI. General Kayani said, “65 lakhs were paid by Facebook to an Indian undergrad! Don’t you see the Indian hand there? He could be a RAW agent!”