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Pakistan retaliates after Trump’s humiliating tweet, says ‘won’t play against USA in the cricket world cup’

05, Jan 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Reputation of Pakistan in front of the world is falling quicker than Delhi’s temperature. And here they can’t even turn the heater on to save themselves.

Recently, US President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of giving shelter to terrorists. Pakistan didn’t take that accusation nicely and decided to give it back to Trump. Pakistan took a tough decision and announced that Pakistan won’t play cricket with US ever.

Donald Trump had tweeted that US is trying to improve its relation with Pakistan, but it seems that even after several attempts, the situation couldn’t improve. Donald Trump has also put hold on defence aid that US provides to Pakistan.

Senior Pakistan spokesmen Ahmed Sharif said to Geo TV, “Aawame e Pakistan won’t ever take any penny now from USA even if China stops giving us money. This is really shameful of Trump to accusing us of betraying. We agree that we took money from them but never betrayed them. As a senior spokesman I now also declare that Pakistan won’t play any match with USA in any bilateral series.”

His secretary told Faking News that Ahmed Sahib has learnt this art of quitting cricket ties from Indian democracy. He said that Ahmed sahib told me that doing this earn lot of fame in foreign media.

But looks like Ahmed doesn’t know that USA hardly plays or qualify for cricket. Pakistan tries to copy India in almost everything but fails miserably.

Faking News reporter spoke to Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed about this decision and he said “I support board’s decision. Any decision good decision. My decision is good decision. He also said Amanatullah Bismillah Rehman Rahim, Pakistan will answer India and USA in next world cup Inshallah as the phone cuts with someone from behind saying, “Kanjra hun Amrika twada phone recharge kara ke ni dita, phone chdh aithe Khabeez ka baccha” to Sarfaraz.

Clearly Pakistan doesn’t seem to have moved from Trump’s warnings. They have clearly stated that they can give it back to any country without the fear of losing anything coz they actually don’t have anything to lose.