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Pakistan runs out of its flags, orders 1 lakh new flags from Kashmir

18, Jul 2015 By 0mar Abdullah

Pakistan: In bizarre incident that most Pakistanis wouldn’t be proud of, Pakistan has become the first ever country in the entire world that has shortage of its National Flag.

Pak flags in Srinagar.
Pak flags in Srinagar. No shortage here.

“As you know, we always have shortage of electricity and sometimes we don’t have it for almost a week. If there is no electricity then how will our machines operate and design the flags,” a concerned Pakistan said to FakingNews.

Pakistani Prime Minister has communicated his concern about  ‘Shortage of National Flag’ to the American President but still there is no reply from him. As the honor of the country is at stake so Pakistani PM has decided to buy Pakistani flags from Srinagar.

“Srinagar has emotional attachment with Pakistan. Whether Kashmiri Muslims are in jubilant or angry mood, they always express their feelings on the street of Srinagar by raising our National flag and this has been happening since 1947,” a spokesperson for Pak PM said.

“What do you think, will Kashmiri Muslims have the stock to meet the requirement of 1 lakh Pak flags?” asked Faking News reporter.

“Yes, definitely. I think you are too naive to ask this question. You are not aware of the situation in Srinagar.  Almost every Friday after the ‘Namaz’ they express their solidarity with our nation by raising Pakistan’s National flag since 1947. That means our National flag are easily designed and made in the local shops of Srinagar,” he replied.

“We have seen the pictures/images our National Flag waved on the streets of Srinagar in Indian media. I am quite surprised that they are much efficient in the designing of our National flag than our local workers. If all goes well we may order ISIS flag from Srinagar too,” he said.

According to sources, shops of Srinagar are quite excited with the order of Pakistans National flag and have already decided to give huge discount to Pakistanis, while Geelani has asked the Government of India to make the arrangement to meet the Pakistan requirement if they are indeed secular and inclusive.