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Pakistan starts Microscopic Nuclear Weapons Programme to counter Surgical Strikes

23, Oct 2016 By Guest Patrakar

Islamabad: Military Planners in Islamabad have again achieved a strategic edge against India by starting a new lethal series of Nuclear weapons  known as MULTAN Bombs( Microscopic Ultra Tactical Advance Nuclear Bombs). In a press conference at Defence Ministry Headquarters, Defence minister of Pakistan, explaining the need for this program,  recalled that it all started with India employing the Cold Start Doctrine to deter Pakistan to conduct terrorist attacks and thus interfering in its internal affairs.

As per the Indian Army’s Unofficial cold start doctrine, after a terrorist attack, Indian army would quickly start a limited attack on Pakistan using mechanized and mobile Small Battle Groups and grab territories before the it escalates and reaches the nuclear threshold. The territories conquered could be later used to conduct negotiations. However, Pakistan outmaneuvered this doctrine  by developing tactical nuclear weapons i.e. Nuclear weapons of smaller yields, which it would detonate in its own territories on advancing Indian army columns in case of a War.


However, With the Current Doval doctrine of Surgical Strikes on the LOC using special forces, the tactical Nukes are useless as the it would not be worth to waste a nuclear bomb to wound few Commandos with added fears of hurting civilians. As per the Pakistani defence establishments,  the solution to this problem lies in the new class of Nuclear Weapons known as MULTAN( Microscopic Ultra Tactical Advance Nuclear Bombs).

The nuclear warheads are designed using heavily adulterated Chinese Uranium-235(3% enrichment) mixed with Common Salt and miniaturized to such an extent that the Weapon Yield is not in Kilotons but in grams and the size of explosion is smaller than a hand grenade explosion. The radioactive elements released by the bomb will render a piece of land useless for 3-5 days and after that, it can be used for farming and cattle grazing.

The Defence Minister said that this weapons program solves three key problems face by Nuclear Forces of Pakistan. First, Pakistan lacks sophisticated delivery mechanism for it Warheads and it is believed that its conventional missiles won’t be reaching India and will be shot down in transit by India’s anti- missile installations on major cities. However,In the new program, All citizens will be provided two MULTAN bombs. Thus,17 crore Pakistanis would wait for invading Indian Armed forces.

Once they reach Pakistan, they will throw the bombs by hand and thus eliminating the need of sophisticated long range ballistic missiles. Second, the new design eliminates the use of Fuse Conductors, an essential element of contemporary Nuclear Weapons all over the world. So, they can’t be deactivated even by Brigadier Suryadev. Third, India’s recent purchase of Superior Anti-Missile Weapons systems such as S-400s is rendered useless. Minister continued with a smile – “So, Essentially the Indians have spent money on things which can not save them.”

The test were carried out in presence of the Prime minister in the backyard of his house and all the devices met their objectives.However, it caused an small earthquake of magnitude 1 on Richter scale. The first bomb detonated successfully at 1400 hours near 3 live Goats grazing in the field designated as targets, and wounded them severely. One of the goats were limping as well. “All Invading forces will meet the same fate,” said the proud Defence Minister.

The Program has reached production phase in  a record time and all the Public distribution shops are provided with two bombs per family along with Rice and Wheat. A statement released by the White House welcomed these Nuclear Tests while New Delhi reacted with a ‘Kadi Ninda’ immediately after the press briefing.