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Pakistan summons Indian envoy on Indian radio waves entering Pakistan

17, Jul 2015 By MRP

New Delhi: Pakistan summoned the Indian envoy today and lodged a strong protest against radio waves originating in India crossing over the boundary into Pakistan. This protest comes within hours of another protest by Pakistan over the entry into Pakistan territory of a drone allegedly belonging to India.

Nawaz Sharif showing his colleagues how Indian radio waves are entering Pakistan

Before this, the Pakistan government went public over the matter, with none other than the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at his elocutionary best, speaking to the media. He said, “India has been sending drones into Pakistan for many decades and we have been shooting them down, yesterday’s being the latest. As this strategy is failing, they have started sending radio waves instead.

These waves, first of all upset weather patterns and pollute Pakistan’s atmosphere. Then they provide support to Baloch rebels. Then, when they hit Pakistani target, they get reflected back to India carrying with them Pakistani intelligence information.”

Little did he realize that he was exposing his own, his government’s and his country’s ignorance in front of international media. A western correspondent indeed suggested that the claim was ridiculous. The correspondent said, “How can you say such ridiculous things? With this, Pakistani intelligence has become a contradiction of sorts.”

But a Pakistani spokesperson came to his PM’s rescue and would not give up. He retorted, “We have evidence. We have seen those radio waves. The border villagers have reported too. These waves are black in color.”

The Indian government, realizing there is no way to make the Pakistan authorities understand anything, let alone science, thought it was prudent not to respond.

An Indian envoy however gave back to Pakistan in the same coin. The envoy refuted the Pakistani claims saying, “Our radio waves are blue in color and not black as you claim. In fact our army personnel on the border too have witnessed these waves entering Pakistan and in fact saw a ‘Made in China’ tag stuck to it. So they must be from China. So please protest against them if you have the guts.”