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Pakistan supports Modi on taking action against the neighbour exporting terror, says “Bhutan” deserves a lesson

17, Sep 2016 By dasu

Recently during his address at East Asia summit, PM Modi talked about a neighbouring country which specializes in producing and exporting terror and he called on the international community to isolate and take action against this country. In a surprising move, Pakistan has come forward to support India on this.

Mr. Sharif you are unnecessarily getting worked up. I was referring to Bhutan
“Mr. Sharif you are unnecessarily getting worked up. I was referring to Bhutan”

“Though PM Modi has not taken any name, but according to our sources who are operating in India as part of our sleeper cell says this is Bhutan. Be it the Kashmir problem in the valley or our own Balochistan issue, how long we both will suffer because a small Himalayan Kingdom does nothing even after repeated warnings,” said Ms. Nafeesha Zakia, foreign office spokesperson of Pakistan.

Ms. Zakia went on to add, “Most of the countries in our south Asia are peace loving countries, hardly with any internal turmoil. We are all working together, doing everything right in our capacity to improve the economic prosperity, health standards in the region. Just imagine where we would have been if this small country would have co-operated with us. They just want to remain a sanctuary for terrorists.”

When Ms. Zakia was asked why Bhutan’s name have not come before and do not you think it is unfair to name a nation which is takes immense pride to be among happiest nations in the world. Ms. Zakia said, “It is part of standard protocol in international community not to take names. Whenever our PM spoke on different forums, he also never took any name for which we were often misunderstood. We feel time has come to remove the masks from such countries, name & teach them a lesson. Coming back to your question on happiest nation, yes, if you would have exported terror to other countries then it is natural your people would be happy.”

After Ms. Zakia’s statement came out in the open, Bhutan has come up with a strong response. It’s spokesperson Mr. J.K.L.F Wangchook told, “I have studied in India and know little bit of Hindi. The idiom which fits nicely here is, Ulta chor kotwal ko daante (Thief blaming the cop).”