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Pakistan to put Hafiz Saeed in 'bad terrorist' category if he fails to organize another terror attack against India soon

18, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Islamabad. Fresh from the Taliban attack that killed 132 children, Pakistan establishment claims to have learnt a lesson and set a deadline for LeT chief Hafiz Saeed.

Pakistan has reportedly threatened to put 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind in ‘bad terrorist’ category (from currently ‘good terrorist’) if he fails to organize another terror attack of similar intensity against India in the next 12 months.

“Every second day he threatens India of an attack and then does nothing. It’s time he stopped doing byaanbaazi like Shiv Sena and did something worthwhile,” said an ISI official.

Saala, no respect for a Non-State actor!”

When asked how they could treat a legendary and a veteran terrorist like Hafiz, who has many gruesome attacks to his name, in such a disrespectful manner; ISI official acknowledged his contribution but feared that that Hafiz was probably past his prime.

“We understand that a terrorist is as good as his last terror attack, but what if that attack happened good 6 years ago? Also we are now having doubts whether we should keep him in ‘Good terrorist’ category. Even cricketers have their grades dropped if they don’t perform or are inactive over a long period,” an ISI spokesperson explained.

The ISI chief refused to buy the argument that Hafiz could be waiting for the right moment to strike India.

“That’s bullshit. We have waited enough. Even Aamir Khan doesn’t keep so much gap between his movies,” he said.

Sources say Pakistan is so pissed off with Hafiz of late that they may hand him over to India if doesn’t get his act right. “We have no dearth of useless people. I am sure Zaid Hamid and Imran Khan would fill the void,” said a source from Pakistan govt.

Meanwhile Pakistan army has decided to arrange special screening of Baghban for Taliban to bring them back to ‘Good Taliban‘ category.

“Everybody deserves a second chance. Let’s see if they have a change of heart and realize India is their real enemy and not us,” Pak army chief hoped.