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Pakistan trained Begum Nawazish Ali and Veena Malik, Musharraf claims

07, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Islamabad. After claiming that Pakistani establishment trained terrorists in Kashmir to fight against the Indian army, Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan, has now come up with another startling revelation that has embarrassed Pakistani establishment. Musharraf claims that both Veena Malik, the former girlfriend of cricketer Mohammad Asif, and Begum Nawazish Ali, a popular Pakistani cross-dresser, were trained by Pakistani establishment.

Currently both Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish Ali are taking part in Bigg Boss season 4, a television reality show in India.

“Both are products of plans and policies adopted by successive governments and have been in a way trained by the establishment,” Musharraf claimed, though clarified that neither of them were “trained” to fight the Indian army or the Indian society unlike the terrorists and mercenaries in Kashmir.

Veena Malik
Veena Malik making allegations on television; Musharraf claims she picked it from the way government of Pakistan behaves

“Veena Malik is known to make extensive accusations and claim to possess proofs to back those allegations,” Musharraf points out, “this is exactly how Pakistani governments have been reacting in cases of terrorist activities at home. We accuse India and claim to have proofs.”

“She picked it up from there,” Musharraf explained how Veena Malik was virtually trained by the Pakistani establishment, although her actions are not aimed against India as it “should have been”.

In case of Begum Nawazish Ali, a cross-dresser who was born a man in 1979 but started believing afterwards that he was a woman, General Musharraf traces his “training” to former president General Zia-ul-Haq.

“Pakistan was born a South Asian nation in the Indian subcontinent but started believing that it was an Arab nation and part of the larger Islamic world under General Zia,” Musharraf explained how the behavior and beliefs of Ali Saleem, the original name of Begum Nawazish Ali when he was born a man, were results of Pakistani establishment’s training.

“It’s not a coincidence that Ali Saleem was born and raised at a time General Zia was ruling Pakistan,” Musharraf pointed out.

Expectedly, the remarks by Musharraf have been trashed by Pakistani leaders and political parties, who termed him “characterless” and burnt him in effigy. Currently Musharraf is not residing in Pakistan.

“Now he would never be able to come back to Pakistan,” avers a protestor shouting anti-Musharraf slogans, “such statements can only win him a seat in Bigg Boss in India and not any votes in Pakistan.”