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Pakistan warns India to stop retaliating at LOC, or it will drop Bilawal Bhutto on India

09, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. Baffled with the way India is aggressively retaliating against ceasefire violations, Pakistan has warned India to stop firing at LOC, or it would drop Bilawal Bhutto on India.

This highly stern response from the Pakistan government came after report of around 20 causalities due to heavy firing from the Indian side.

Bilawal Flying
Bilawal posted this photo on Twitter.

“India is forcing us to take this measure. If they are not going stop firing by tomorrow, they should get ready to face the most advance weapon from our arsenal,” said Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif passing a strong message to India.

Sources from across the border say that Pak army is preparing to drop Bilawal with a parachute at some crowded place in either Mumbai or Delhi.

“Once dropped, Bilawal will start giving speech using a loudspeaker which he will be carrying. And going by the way he shouts, he will easily be able to make his voice audible to everyone in the radius of at least 4 km around him. Results are going to be fatal!” warned a source adding that if dropped on Mumbai, estimated count of people affected could go up to whopping 10 lakh.

Sensing gravity of the situation, Indian government has asked people to take precautionary measures by always carrying cotton buds and earphones with them.

As NDA government is on back foot, in a befitting reply, Congress has reminded Pakistan of Rahul Gandhi.

“Thanks to Nehru-Gandhi family and our visionary leader Shri Rajiv Gandhi Ji, that today we have a weapon of our own to face this danger named – Bilawal Bhutto,” said Congress leader Digvijay Singh, while addressing a press conference.

Adding further, Digvijay Singh reiterated his confidence in Rahul Gandhi, and hoped that the possibility of India dropping Rahul Gandhi on Pakistan was enough to make the government of Pakistan backtrack.

However, Pakistan has refused to accept Rahul Gandhi as a possible threat and said that its Bilawal was much more powerful than his Indian counterpart.

Meanwhile, United Nations has urged both the countries to behave like responsible nations, and refrain from using weapons of mass destruction.