Pakistanis demand Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan as he peacefully obeys all army orders

04, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Islamabad. A motion was submitted in Pakistan’s National Assembly Secretariat on Saturday calling for Prime Minister Imran Khan to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in “de-escalating” tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad. Pakistanis are sure that the peace prize committee will take Imran’s candidature for the award seriously as he has always obeyed the army very seriously.


Pakistanis believe that if a PM obeys all army orders peacefully then there is less conflict in governance and everything runs smoothly in Pakistan. Not only Imran Khan but also the former PMs should be considered for the big award. The peace prize committee will check all records of bureaucratic orders given by the Pakistani Army in the last 1 year and will see if Imran has actually followed the orders or not. If they find the relevant data of Imran following the orders with a strike rate of more than 90% then they will surely consider him for the Peace Prize.

It will indeed be a big achievement for Pakistan for their PM to get this award and it would help the other countries take notice of the peace initiatives of the country. The Pakistani army will play a big role in whether Imran gets the award or not as they will be interviewed extensively by the committee members.