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Pakistan's Pathankot investigation team member dies after falling off the mountain of evidence India provided

05, Apr 2016 By electroman

Islamabad: In an unfortunate accident, a member of Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team investigating Pathankot terror attack died earlier today. He died after he fell off the mountain of evidence India has provided regarding the Pathankot Airbase attack. A Pakistan Army spokesman revealed this shocking news to the media personnel at a press conference in Islamabad.

Nawaz Sharif pointing towards the mountain of evidence
Nawaz Sharif pointing towards the mountain of evidence

“Our JIT was doing their regular duty of making paper planes out of the evidence India had provided when this unfortunate accident happened. Usually India sends a couple of dossiers of evidence so it was easy to just dump them in the garbage bin but this time there was so much evidence sent by them that the pile of dossiers became as high as a 7 storey building.  Like thorough professionals, our team was on top of things and then our brave officer’s foot slipped and he fell to his death”, said the Pak Army spokesman.

Laying the blame at India’s doorstep for this death, the spokesman said, “India is squarely to be blamed for this death of our brave officer. First, they staged the Pathankot attack using Pakistani nationals connected to Pakistani agency ISI, then they lured our investigative team to Pathankot, then they provided us that mountain of evidence, all of this contributed to the death of our officer and Indian Govt is behind this extensive plot.”

When a reporter asked about the evidence pointing to Pakistan’s involvement in Pathankot attack, the spokesman got angry and said, “Just because they came from Pakistan, had weapons used by Pakistan Army, used Pakistan SIM Cards, had homes in Pakistan, got support from Pakistan agencies, you will say Pakistan is involved in the attack? What nonsense is this?”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Government has instructed only trained mountaineers to work on the evidence provided by India for 26/11 attack, currently the second highest mountain peak in the world.