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Pervez Musharraf missing exotic belly dancers of Dubai

25, Mar 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad, Pakistan. Former Pakistani ruler Pervez Musharraf, who came back to Pakistan yesterday after more than four years, is already craving to go back to Dubai, UAE.

Reportedly, Musharraf is already missing the Lebanese belly dancers that he used to frequent every night in Dubai.

“We had requested few of the favorite Lebanese dancers of Mr. Musharraf to relocate to Pakistan, so that General doesn’t miss them, but the dancers burst into laughter as soon as they heard about relocating to Pakistan,” Mr. Ahmed, a close aide of the former dictator told Faking News.

Belly Dancer
Musharraf misses the missus

“For the first time the faces of the dancers were jiggling more than their bellies,” Ahmed recalled how the dancers reacted after being told that they would be given a safe stay in Pakistan.

As a result, Musharraf had to come back to Pakistan without any belly dancers. It should be noted that he had been living in exile for 4.5 years – mainly in London, Dubai, and TV studios in India – and had become a keen follower of belly dancing.

“General is a big admirer of arts, and in particular, of dances. In fact, the YouTube videos showing him dancing have registered more than a million views. Who knows, the anti-music Taliban is upset with the General only due to this aspect of his personality,” Ahmed claimed.

Ahmed further claimed that General did try to check out a few local dance bars in Karachi but was disappointed with the quality.

“Musharraf Sir has grown beyond Mohajirs and Mujras, but that’s the only thing he could find out in Karachi. Now he’s desperate to go back to Dubai,” Ahmed conceded.

When asked what will happen to his dream of winning the elections and saving the country, Ahmed clarified, “He’s not going back for ever. He’ll go there on weekends, watch the dance, and come back. That’s enough to save himself and Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, in India, self-declared celebrity-turned-analyst KKR (Kamaal R Khan) has claimed that he owned every nightclub in Dubai and Musharraf used to pay him for the services.