PMO runs out of options, blames UN for not recognizing new countries which PM Modi can visit next

21, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Officials working in Prime Minister’s office has a tough year ahead. They are running out of options which they can propose for PM’s future foreign visits.

'Aata Majhi Satakli', says PM Modi after he found that there were no new countries to visit
‘Aata Majhi Satakli’, says PM Modi after he found that there were no new countries to visit

While speaking to us, a senior official of PMO said, “We need to propose at least ten to twelve countries every quarter. PM as per his interest and India’s strategic interest shortlist three to four. Post that we take over, contact those countries and make an itinerary for PM’s visit”.

He added, “Last four years somehow we managed. PM was kind enough to make multiple visits to certain countries like US (5 times), Germany (4 times). Now we are not sure, what we will do. PM’s does not like to visit one country. we need to make a plan with three to four country visits at a time”.

“The problem lies with United nations. In 2014 it had 193 sovereign states, in 2018 it is the same case. Do not know why UN does not recognize more countries. We have written one email to UN in this regard to look in to this serious problem. India has complete support for all the new countries who are trying hard to become members of UN”, said the PMO official.

PMO officials are exploring if they can choose different cities for PM’s visit.

“See Australia hosted Olympics in Sydney, followed up with common wealth games in Melbourne & now in Gold coast. China, US are also developing other cities not sticking to one place. So, we have some options. Let us see if PM will be okay with that”, said the official.

In the meantime, an airport security official working at Berlin airport has posted a collage of selfies he has taken with PM Modi during previous visit. The photographs where PM Modi has been tagged has gone viral in social media.