Post speech Imran Khan complains about typos in print out he was given to read, Army Chief promises to write a better speech next time

20, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Though Pak social media was full of praise for Imran Khan’s speech on the terror attack, PM himself was not too happy.

Apparently, the print out which was given to Imran was full of typos making it difficult for him to read. Later that evening, when Imran met Gen. Bajwa, he made his displeasure evident.

Officials say that Imran Khan, armed with a marker, pointed out spelling  mistakes in his speech and wondered why the his speech was not proofread or better still the Army Chief had written a new one.

In his defense the Army Chief said that he felt a bit lazy on that day and was in no mood to write a new speech. So the same rehashed speech circulating for last 10 years was sent to Imran with some minor changes.

‘Next time will write a better speech and also do a spell check’ – is what Gen. Bajwa is believed to have told Imran yesterday evening.

Sources in the Pak establishment say that there is protocol that is followed when the speech for the Wazeer E Azam is written.

“The speech is first drafted by the Army Chief. Then it goes to Jaish-e-Mohammed and Jamat-Ul-Dawa Chief’s for editing. And finally the PM get it just hours before delivering the speech.

“Show Pak involvemnent. Give credible proof. Aise hi  kuch ghise-pite words daal ke speech bante hai. Yeh kaunsi Oscar wali speech padhne jaa rahe hai,” an army officer said on condition of anonymity.

There were also reports that that Pak Govt’s license of MS Word has expired making it difficult to edit speeches.

“Currently we are using the free version. When the money from Saudi arrives, we might purchase a new license,” said a highly place official.