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"Pray for Gaza" activists unable to pray for Yemen because of Tennis Elbow

03, Apr 2015 By manithan

Saudi Arabia has been attacking Houthi rebels in Yemen for the past few days. Though Yemeni rebels have not done anything threatening to Saudis and even though there are no divisions in unknown community, people were confused over why a peaceful country like Saudi Arabia is attacking a country like Yemen.

While few sources from Delhi reveal that Ambani once worked in Yemen as an agent and hence Yemen can be targeted as Ambani agent, but it is preposterous that Saudi will target Yemen for such an imbecile reason.

We shared the pic on the left with an eager #PrayForGaza activist who agreed to make others Pray for Houthis, but two hours later, the pic on the right was trending worldwide.

Even more confusing is the silence of Indian human right activists. They usually prepare themselves to outrage whenever Hamas drops a missile into Israel territory. But, even after children getting killed by peaceful Saudi army, the “Pray for Gaza” activists are nowhere to be seen on the Indian roads – doing candle marches and chanting against Israel, Mossad and Modi.

We stumbled upon one such person who had tweeted around ninety thousand tweets last year with #PrayForGaza hashtag in Twitter. He was confused when we asked about Yemen. He replied, “Yeah man? Yeh men? Woh men? You mean to ask me women? I don’t understand your question.”

When we briefed him about Yemen crisis, he showed his hand and said, “I’m having Tennis elbow. You know the one Sachin Tendulkar got? I cannot pray now bhai! I cannot even type. My heart aches for them, but I cannot pray now, because I cannot do arm movements. It will pain like hell when I move my fingers now.” Saying so, he went back to text his friends on WhatsApp.

We met a group of college girls who organised ‘Death for Israel’ & ‘Pray for Palestine’ marches last year. All of them complained of either arthritis or spondylitis. One of them said, “Dude! This is April. March is gone. Why are you asking us about March?”

Meanwhile, ‘majority sect of sect-less community’ Coalition has urged Hamas to do some attack in Israel, so that the entire world will be outraging on Israel’s retaliation, while they can finish off the minority sect of the egalitarian society in Yemen.