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Prince William acknowledges that Imran Khan is the most handsome PM he has ever seen 

17, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

While speaking at an event in honor of the visiting royals, William was all praise for the Imran Khan for being a gracious host.


Prince William said that he had seen many handsome men, but Imran clearly is ahead in the race. And Pakistan as a nation was lucky to have such a good looking PM.

“You people should get a pat on your back for electing Imran. Most of the problems were automatically taken care of when he took charge of the office. With his good looks, I am pretty sure that Pakistan is in good hands,” he said while speaking at the event. Looking back at some old pictures of Princess Diana’s visit, Prince William seems astonished that Imran still managed retain his good looks even after so many years.

“If there was ever a Nobel for good looks, Imran would have trumped everyone else,” he added, with the Pak PM going red in the cheeks every time his name was mentioned.

The Royal couple agreed that Britain too needed a good looking PM. “It would be wrong to comment on Boris Johnson’s looks. But that’s one area that we need to work on. It takes the pain out of the sting,” said a official who was part of the royal entourage.

Prince William’s statement brought cheer among supporters of Imran Khan. Some were even of that the Duchess of Cambridge was secretly crushing on the Pak PM. “Our wazir-e-azam has a magnetic personality. After looking at some of the images from the events, it is pretty evident that someone is having a mighty crush on Imran sahib,” remarked a senior Pak govt official.

A few supporters were however cautious will all the admiration coming Imran’s way and were of the opinion that Imran should focus on core issue that is Kashmir and not get carried away by all the praise.