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Provoked by an Indian’s claim that Modi alone could handle 10 Obamas, Obama challenges Modi for a wrestling match

26, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Washington, D.C. Amazed and outraged after hearing comment of an Indian, Albela Mishra (fictitious name), who had earlier said that Modi alone could handle ten Obamas, US President has challenged Prime Minister Modi for a friendly wrestling match.

Albela Mishra made this sensational claim, along with many other claims like each Indian is capable of keeping five six Chinese in his/her pocket, while addressing a group of fellow Indians in Delhi Metro.

Modi Obama Fight
Is it possible? Was Albela Mishra correct?

You can watch that highly patriotic video here.

The viral video reached the US President too. A charged up Obama immediately challenged Narendra Modi to take out half an hour from his busy schedule to take part in a wrestling match.

“It’s a good opportunity for both the countries to test who between us is more powerful. And as even Albela Mishra suggested, this should be the ideal way to decide which country is more powerful. So let’s do it,” Obama said in a press conference at White House, adding that one should not judge people by their physical appearance.

“I may be less muscular than Modi, but that doesn’t mean Modi is capable of handling ten people like me,” Obama claimed, while taking off his shirt and flexing his muscles.

However, on being reminded that Modi was on Navratri fast, and it would be unfair on his part to challenge Modi at this point of time, Obama said that even he was ready to fast to make things even.

“Starting today, even I am on fast, and on the third day from today, I will fight with Modi,” he announced.

Reportedly, Obama has also invited Albela Mishra to watch the much awaited wrestling match.

Back home, talking exclusively to Faking News, Albela Mishra once again reiterated his faith in Narendra Modi.

Modi aisa dhobi pachaad maarenge Obama ko ki wo chaaro khaane chhitra jayega,” Mr. Mishra told Faking News.

Now whole world is eagerly waiting for this match, and if all goes well it might be accepted as a legal way to settle down disputes between two countries.

“It would be a good idea of organize a similar fight between Modi and Nawaz Sharif to end Kashmir issue, and between Putin and Ukrainian President to end Crimea problem,” hoped United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Meanwhile, a miffed Chinese President is mulling over the idea to dare Modi at India-China border in Ladakh.

“Being a 6 ft tall guy, Xi Jinping is pretty sure that Modi will not manage to keep him inside his pocket,” disclosed a source close to Chinese government.