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Qatar to hire Gujjar leaders in high numbers for their ability to demolish old infrastructure with bare hands

25, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Doha. With tight infrastructure deadlines for 2020 FIFA world cup, Qatar’s Labor minister Hosla Ofzayi has released a statement to international media and has said that Qatar would be hiring a 100 thousand leaders and people from India’s Gujjar committee to help demolish old infrastructure in Qatar and create clean lands for new infra. These people apparently being called “Demolition Workers” as opposed to “Construction Workers” would actually not be used for any new construction but only to demolish old yet solid infrastructure, that can then be replaced by new-age buildings, cafés and stadiums.

The statement said, “While we have millions of “construction” workers in Qatar working day and night non-stop without food, water or restroom facilities, we are in acute shortage of “demolition” workers and machinery. We have a lot of old railway tracks, buildings and other infrastructure which needs to be cleaned up to make space for world-cup stadiums, but we need both man-power and machine-power for that.”

Gujjars displaying their gifted talent.
Gujjars displaying their gifted talent.

“After doing a careful study of Demolition Professionals around the world, a leading Management Consulting firm has strongly recommended us to hire the agitating Gujjar leaders from India. The passion and anger with which they lay waste to an existing infrastructure such as railway tracks is commendable and has no parallels around the world.”

“Another remarkable quality which they possess is to be able to destroy strong old infra with bare-hands, sticks and stones. If these people can come in and demolish old infra for us in the same way as they have done in India, we would have no need to import costly demolition equipment from US and Europe which will in turn save us millions of dollars in operational expenses.”

While this news has seen mixed reactions from India’s Gujjar community, some of the young Gujjar community members are fairly excited.

Rocky Gujjar, a 20 year old college drop-out and an expert on railway track destruction expressed his excitement in these words, “We have time and again proven that we can do great things and finally someone from outside our country has recognized our true talents. I am proud of my team of Demolition-men which have effectuated 7 train cancellations in past 3 days. While Qatar government has already guaranteed to pay us a decent pay when we go there, we are also asking for a 5% reservation in any future demolition activity they undertake.”