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Qatari camels deported, Saudi Arabia to build wall to prevent them from coming back

21, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

The breaking of relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has taken it’s toll on Qatari camels who were deported and will have no chance of going back. Inspired by Trump’s wall to stop Mexican immigrants, Saudi authorities have hinted at a similar wall to stop Qatari camels from coming back.

A Qatari camel casually strolling on Saudi road to signify defiance
A Qatari camel casually strolling on Saudi road to signify defiance

Speaking to Faking News, a source close the development said, “Saudi Arabia has broken all ties with Qatar and they do mean it. They want nothing Qatari on their soil, including the camels. So all Qatari camels have been sent back. Around 30,000 of them have crossed over and more are expected to follow.”

“There is possibility that some of them could sneak back in. So the Saudi’s are planning to build a wall across the border which will be funded by Qatar. There will be no trace of anything remotely related to Qatar in Saudi Arabia after this wall is built,” he added.

Construction of the wall has already started with workers being flown from Kerala on a daily basis. The move hasn’t gone well with the people of Qatar. Camels too are worried about their future. Some malnourished camels were seen on the Qatar side of the border, with no food and place to stay. One such Qatari camel who’s mate is from Saudi, has refused to go back.

This is not just an isolated case. Many more are planning to get fake documents to stay back. “My camel has not had food for the last 10 days and insists on revolting against Saudi Arabia’s move. Basically it has become the Anna Hazare of camel world. I am not sure but if things continue like this, there could be an uprising very soon,” said a came owner.