Ready to marry an American woman to strengthen Pak-US ties: Imran Khan

24, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

After making explosive disclosure that Pak army trained Al-Qaeda, Imran Khan said that he was open to matrimonial alliances from American women to help cement relations.


This is the first time any Pak leader has directly put forth an offer to marry a US national for better ties between the two countries. While speaking at a media alongside President Trump, Imran said, “I am committed to doing everything it takes for the development of Pakistan. Even if it means sacrificing the perks of being single. So today, let me put this on record and say that I am open to marrying an American woman to strengthen the existing relations between America and Pakistan.”

Sources within Pak establishment say that the marriage idea had been playing on Imran’s mind for quite some time and wasn’t something that happened at the spur of the moment. In fact he even took along a Qazi as part of his entourage to US.

“If he finds a good match. He might even return to Pakistan with a wife. This will bolster the diplomatic relations and also send a signal that Pak is a dependable ally of the US,” revealed a senior diplomat.

The announcement however has not gone down well with Chinese premier Xi Jingping. Who in a late night call with with Imran made his displeasure clear.

Xi threatened to pull out all strategic strategic Chinese investments in Pakistan. Imran however managed to placate Xi by saying that since he is open to polygamy, he’s also marry a Chinese woman later this year.

Pak Army Chief too was not pleased with Imran taking the decision without consulting the Army and ISI. Not to mention his admission about Al-Qaeda being trained in Pakistan.

An Army Spokesperson said that Imran would be taken to task once he is back in the country.