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Requesting leniency, Oscar Pistorius requests court to shift him to Yerwada jail in India

07, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

Pretoria: Oscar Pistorius who was sentenced to 6 years in prison is making every effort to get leniency from South African court that charged him with culpable homicide.

Sources say Pistoruius’ lawyer who earlier begged for a shorter sentence citing ‘fragile emotional state’ of his client, has now appealed that Oscar serve his sentence in Pune’s Yerwada jail.

Yerwada jail, the last hope for Oscar Pistorius
Yerwada jail, the last hope for Oscar Pistorius

Apparently, the lawyer came up with this suggestion after reading about a ‘bollywood actor who was found in possession of illegal arms’ getting preferential treatment at the aforementioned jail.

“The Supreme Court has handed a 6 year jail term to our client, which we feel is harsh. We read about a movie star from India who was serving his jail term at Yerwada and managed to get parole on regular basis leading to him spending considerable time outside jail. If feel if Mr. Pistorius can somehow get to serve his term at Yerwada, it would turn out to be less stressful for him,” said a lawyer from Oscar Pistorius’ legal team.

A local South African newspaper also reported that Pistorius’ lawyer would be travelling to India next week to check arrangements at Yerwada just in case the appeal gets a nod.

“Our sources have revealed that Oscar’s lawyers are constantly in touch with their Indian counterparts on how to spend maximum time outside prison. Besides that, lawyers in India also seem to be suggesting that Mr. Pistorius start a charity similar to ‘Being Human’ to get public support,” said the Editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

Senior Supreme Court lawyer Sam Petmalani said that such steps are important for bilateral relations between two countries. “I hope the honorable Supreme Court in South Africa will grant the request. We hope that in future there will be a provision for transferring high profile crime cases from anywhere in the world to India. In fact, I have written a letter to Mr.Modi who is on a visit to African nations, in this regard. India needs a FDI in law,” screamed the veteran lawyer.

There also reports that Oscar’s legal team was seeking appointment with a news-anchor who is widely believed as law unto himself, to get his support.

Meanwhile, hectic activity was seen outside Yerwada jail after news of the blade-runner’s appeal for leniency went public. Prison in Charge of the jail was seen addressing a few media persons who have been camping outside for the past few days. “People mocked us last time saying Sanjay Dutt’s residence will be named Yerawada Jail Extension, and he will complete sentence there. But not this time,” said the senior official, almost confident that Yerwada and parole were mutually exclusive.