Sachin fans sue China after it say Coronavirus is an Act of God

27, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan


Typically referring to earthquakes, typhoons, and similar events, is the COVID 19 outbreak also an Act of God? According to China, it is an Act of God and Sachin fans are not happy.


Some Sachin fans have sued the Chinese for accusing their God of such an act. They have also submitted proof that Sachin was in India when the Coronavirus was spreading.

COVID 19 is the largest supply chain disruption since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And with many countries under lockdown, the economic impact will be huge when the finals numbers will arrive. But for Sachin fans, the bigger issue is that their God is being questioned. They have asked the UN to intervene and ask China to take back the comment. The total number of coronavirus cases in India has climbed to 724 today. More than 85 cases were reported from the various parts of the country on Thursday — the highest official single-day count so far. Sachin fans also believe that the coronavirus will come to an end if China stops blaming God for it.