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Scam-artist reduces lottery amount in emails from 5 Million to 5K to make it more believable

13, Aug 2018 By dasu

Antigua (Undisclosed location): Scam artists are becoming ‘smart’ of late. They do not want to send multiple emails like they did in the past with lottery amounts where one would struggle to count number of zeros in it.

“This was just spamming everyone’s email box, beyond that it was doing nothing. No one believed in them”, said a scam artist while speaking to us from an undisclosed location in Antigua.

The scamster added, “We had to become realistic. That’s why we offer 5K USD in lottery amount if you give net banking login and password of your account”.

When we asked why the reduction from 5 million to 5k, the scamster said, “Government has become extra vigilant. They are collecting information from Google, FB etc if anyone is offering Jhumlas which they also never offered. Our sources in Government say currently scanning is happening above 10k USD, so to be on ultra-safe side I am offering 5k USD only”.

“By the way 5K USD is not a small amount. On today’s exchange rate it is higher than the salaries freshers get in India”, he added.

The response has been overwhelming to say the least. “Four years have passed, forget 15 lakhs, no one has got even 15 rupees. In that state why people will reject my offer? Not only they are sending login/password of their accounts, they are sending of their near and dear ones to whom I have not reached out yet”.

The scamster encouraged with the response planning to take his business to next level. “I have tied up with Dr. Batra emails private limited who claims they deliver message to people who do not have emails also. I expect at least 10x jump in my business from next year”, said the scamster who was shouting at his customer care executive, do not ask for Aadhaar details, that is of no use.