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Shahid Afridi delays his retirement as Pakistan goes further 2 years back in time due to fundamentalists

22, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Karachi. Hours after announcing his retirement from ODIs post Cricket World Cup, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has once again come out of it and now delayed it by 2 more years.

However this time, Shahid Afridi took this decision in respect to Pakistan suddenly traveling back in time by 2 years in last few days.

Pakistan which was not only traveling slowly so far and was stuck in 18th century compared to rest of the world that is already in 21st century, has now gone a step ahead backward and did the impossible by traveling back at least 2 years in a matter of 3 days.

Fans are shocked that Afridi has brains to understands Physics and all.
Fans are shocked that Afridi has brains to understands Physics and all.

“We Pakistanis are large hearted and very patient people and let time take its own sweet time to march ahead. We are in no hurry and not part of the maddening cat race the rest of the world is in,” Afridi explained to Faking News, the reason why he was still stuck at 18 years of age, “So considering our speed of progressing forward coupled with our habit to go back in time, unannounced, you can be rest assured that I will play another 10-15 years, by your time that is.”

Afridi further pointed to an incident where he almost slapped an opposition player when he continuously claimed that a test match is a 5 day affair, while he himself thought of it as a 15 day affair.

Sources further claim it is only because of an average Pakistani moving ahead in time comparatively much slowly than the rest of the world, that Shahid looked like an attacking batsman to the world, but not to some Pak fans.

“For an average Pakistan fundamentalist, he was playing even more slowly than Akash Chopra,” the source revealed, “They wanted more fireworks!”

However not all Pakistani fundamentalists are aware of the fact that it is only their country that is stuck in this time warp and time travel.

“That is precisely why they feel that the rest of the world too is moving at their pace and thus practices like sati are still prevalent in India,” explained a Physics scholar from USA.