Shrinking Machine from Honey I Shrunk the Kids could be used to shrink doctors and send them inside human body to kill Coronavirus: Trump

27, Apr 2020 By yogy

After Trump’s claim that disinfectants injected in the body could possibly kill the coronavirus, the US President has once again come up with a bizarre idea to fight the pandemic.

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While speaking to reporters as part of his daily briefing, Trump said that he is looking at the possibility of shrinking doctors and sending them inside the patient’s body to treat the disease.

“Usually weekends are for golf, but with the coronavirus I haven’t been playing much. So I thought I’d spend the weekend watching a movie. And this movie called Honey I Shrunk the Kids just popped up in my playlist. In that movie there is this machine, really beautiful one just like me, that accidentally shrinks kids and all kinds of nasty things happen later on. But that movie gave me an idea. What if we could use that machine to shrink doctors and send them inside patients body to get rid of that virus,” he said while speaking to reporters.

When questioned on what he intends to do next in case the plan backfires, Trump said, “Hey, nobody knows about treating patients better than I do. I am sure it will work and we will be covid free in just a few days and I can guarantee you that.”

Trump also said that he’d volunteer to shrink himself and treat patients, but he had a few limitations. “I’d do anything to make this virus disappear. But I have huge body and even after shrinking it will be huge. I mean I have a huge body because I have a big heart. But that is besides the point. The point is we need small bodies so that they can become even smaller and lend themselves easily for the treatment,” he remarked.

It is not yet known when and how the US President plans to execute his idea but White House officials say that is will be done before commercial use of vaccine.

Meanwhile, Dr Fauci is said to have checked into a local medical center complaining of breathlessness after listening to Trumps idea.