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Somali pirates declare themselves as Nelson Mandela, but with guns

25, May 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mogadishu, Somalia. A leading human rights group of Somalia, Somali Dal, has opposed the trial of five alleged Somali pirates that went underway in the Netherlands today. The rights group, consisting of authors, professors, lawyers, journalists, retired pirates and jobless intellectuals, has termed the trial as an example of state sponsored war against the poor and the oppressed. One member of the group went on to call the Somali pirates as Nelson Mandela, but with guns.

“We were robbed off our wealth and wellness during the colonial era and we are still not treated with dignity. Even a hopelessly poor and hungry country like Ethiopia had balls to attack us and no one came to our rescue. Now when our men attack ships, we are termed as pirates.” Somali Dal spokesperson Mbkuew Piratwa told Faking News.

Pirates of Somalia
Nelson Mandela, but with guns?

Somali Dal has demanded that the judicial trial, first of its kinds against the pirates, be suspended with immediate effect and the countries should desist from attacking and arresting the so-called pirates, who were actually poor fishermen.

“They are not pirates; they are poor people who catch fish for their livelihood. Sometimes when they run out of oil and spices to cook their fishes, they attack merchant ships carrying such food items. You can’t call it piracy, can you? We are just fighting for our survival, like Mandela did for Africa.” Mbkuew argued.

Mbkuew rejected reports of pirates asking for ransom to release merchant ships as fabricated media reports planted by the neo-colonial and capitalist forces. He suggested that instead of finding ways to fight pirates, other countries should study the root causes of piracy and address the real issues like non-availability of mustard oil to cook fish.

Somali Dal activists expressed utter disappointment with Indian government for having attacked Somali pirates earlier, but hoped to get support from India’s intellectuals.