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Sometimes backbenchers get US trip chance; IT manager consoles best performer citing Imran Khan’s US trip

22, Jul 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: IT engineers dream about going abroad especially to US as soon as they get a job offer. But due to Trump administrations visa restriction policies many such dreams have been shattered in last few years.

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Pawan Kumar, who has got consistently A grade in appraisal ratings is disappointed for not getting US visit opportunity even after spending three years in the Silk Board- Electronics city high traffic density corridor.

“Pawan, everything does not happen on merit. Otherwise a movie like Kabir Singh could not have made so much moolah at box office or a rank back bencher like Imran Khan getting a chance to visit US”, Pawan’s manger consoled him saying how he got him a 4.5% yearly hike when average hike was around 2%.

“What is the point of going on a US trip when no one cares about you like Pakistan PM found yesterday. I would advise you, stay in this company for few years. I will manage one US trip for you as soon as you are eligible for L1 visa. Do not book flight tickets on borrowed money like Pakistan PM did by using World Bank money just to go there”, added Pawan’s manager.

In the meantime, Imran Khan has asked his administration to make sure at least one official goes to the country he is supposed to visit a day before. “This time our foreign minister saved us. Nahin toh PM sahib ko uber book karke kissi dost ghar jaana pad sakta tha”, said a foreign ministry official of Pakistan.